Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane Walaszkowski Sp z o.o.

Construction Company Sombud sp. z o.o. was created in 2003 and is active since that time.

Our company among other things is constructing structures like:
– single-family houses
– apartment blocks
– blocks of flats
– warehouses and production halls
– sports halls

We provide a full scope of work that can be done on a construction site. Everything from excavation to the complete internal finishing, including all internal media (as internal plumbing, electrical wiring, central heating etc.), external media (electrical, plumbing, water drainage, etc.), main connections (connecting the build objects to various operators supplying electricity, plumbing, heat, gas, etc.), fences and land development along with the planting of greenery. In our disposal we have all the necessary excavation equipment, which can be rent independently to any other services.

Thanks to Our long-term cooperation with manufacturers, and other companies supplying building materials, We are able to offer competitive prices, which will not impact the quality of work nor the quality of build in materials.

Thanks to the fact that Our company has a qualified management staff with many years of experience, the work done by SOMBUD is always at a very high level, which we can confirm by many references (including both private and government investors).

Our company mostly carries out construction projects in the Pomeranian region, but in individual cases we also work in neighboring provinces.

If You wish to view Our completed or still in progress projects please use this link: Realizacje

If You have any questions or You wish to send a cost calculation inquiry please use the contact below:

83-314 Somonino

Polna 6c

Phone : +48 608647700